Engaging Mathematics Partner to Speak at 7th Annual Flux Course

Engaging Mathematics partner Dr. John Zobitz of Augsburg College will be giving a talk at the upcoming Flux Measurements and Modeling course at the Colorado Mountain Research Station, near Boulder.

The Flux Measurements and Modeling course is an annual two-week course for graduate students, postdoctoral students, and early career scientists. Course topics include measuring leaf-level and ecosystem-scale carbon dioxide and water fluxes, predicting biosphere-atmosphere fluxes from satellite observations, and incorporating measured fluxes into mathematical models. The first week of the course is focused on measurement and instrumentation. During the second week, course participants apply ecological models to analyze data. Participants are expected to complete a practicum and present results at the end of the second week.

Dr. Zobitz’s talk is called “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Data Assimilation.” It will provide a (gentle) mathematical introduction to Bayesian approaches to modeling with data.

To learn more about the two-week flux course, view this short video. You can connect with Dr. Zobitz on Twitter @ProfZobitz.

Article originally published on July 15, 2014. Photo credit: © 2008 Richard Johnson, resized image used, CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

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